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Propane is one of the most versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly fuels available for home heating, powering appliances and other applications. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians rely on the value, efficiency and convenience of propane to provide energy solutions for their homes, businesses and farms.

Fergusson Energy offers sales and delivery of propane in Belleville and surrounding areas of south central Ontario at competitive prices.

Propane appliances offer exceptional performance for a variety of applications in your home. Propane-fueled furnaces can provide dependable performance for as much as 5 to 10 years longer than electric heat pumps and propane water heaters can be less expensive to operate than electric models.

5 Advantages Offered by Propane:

  1. It’s Economical: Modern propane furnaces are rated for efficiency as high as 95%. The price of propane has actually decreased over the past several years, so it can provide a savings of as much as 30% over the cost of heating oil.
  2. It Can Be Used In Many Applications: Propane can safely and affordably power furnaces and boilers, water heaters, indoor and outdoor appliances, pool heaters, generators, fireplaces and more. 
  3. It is Safe: Even though propane can be stored nearly indefinitely, is easily transported and can be used almost anywhere, it is strictly regulated to provide maximum safety for the consumer. 
  4. It is Efficient: Propane-powered appliances and furnaces typically provide a longer life span and lower maintenance costs than those powered by oil, electricity or natural gas. 
  5. It is Environmentally Friendly and Readily Available: Propane is a clean burning and non-toxic fuel. A new high-efficiency propane furnace will emit 10,000 fewer pounds of carbon annually than a standard oil furnace. Also, in the event of a leak or spillage propane will not contaminate the soil or ambient air. It is also readily available; approximately 11 billion litres is produced each year in Canada and almost half of the supply is exported.

Propane Applications

Propane is an appropriate fuel for nearly any application:

  • At Home:
    • Heating and cooling indoor air and water
    • Fireplaces and cook stoves
    • Fridges and clothes dryers
    • Pool heaters and generators
  • On the Road:
    • Municipal transportation and school buses
    • Taxis and courier vans
    • Police cars, delivery trucks and fleet vehicles
  • On the Farm:
    • Heat source for barns and greenhouses
    • Powering irrigation systems
    • Drying grain
  • In Industry:
    • Mining operations
    • Metal processing
    • Construction site heating
    • Powering fork lifts and other equipment

For more information about the propane products we offer or to set up an account for your home or business, please contact our office.


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