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Sales & Delivery of Home Heating Oils in Belleville

Home heating oil is one of the safest fuels capable of combustion only in the chamber of your furnace or boiler. Since it is stable and non-explosive, several households use this method for heating their home or business. A gallon of oil’s efficiency is better than an identical proportion of natural gas, propane, or electricity because of its high BTU content.


Fergusson Energy is an efficient company for the safe delivery of home heating oils in Belleville and surrounding communities. We are quick and provide exceptional service to ensure a comfortable indoor environment no matter what the weather. Furthermore, we only offer premium quality fuels at cost-effective prices.

Why Choose Oil for Heating Purposes at Home or Business

You might be wondering why you should choose heating equipment powered by oil when there are more efficient options available.

Here are a few reasons why our home heating oils in Belleville are the preferred choice:

  • Service life expectancy: A well-maintained oil furnace life expectancy lasts for up to 30 years compared to a gas furnace, which lasts for about 14 years.

  • Environmental responsibility: Heating oil causes no harm to the environment; it’s non-toxic and contains no carcinogens making for a safe option.

  • High Safety: Unlike other types of heating sources, oil is non-explosive. It needs ignition from an advanced system for use in a furnace or oil burner.

  • Efficiency and economy: Home heating oils are 85-95% efficient and burn 300 degrees hotter than natural gas. The high temperature can rapidly heat the water and your home’s interior much faster than other fuels. Using oil costs less when compared to electricity, natural gas, or propane.

  • Cleanliness and maintenance: Oil heat is clean, odour-free and will not release soot or dirt into your home like gases or other fuel alternatives.

  • Abundant supply: Fergusson Energy has an ample supply of oil as Canada is the third-largest oil reserve in the world. Canada is also the world's fifth-largest oil producer and fourth-largest oil exporter.

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For more information about heating your home or business with oil, please contact our office.

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