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Fireplace Installation in Belleville – Add Warmth To Any Room

Fireplaces have been a mainstay for heating Belleville homes for years. We are glad to be their preferred provider for fireplace installation, maintenance or repairs. We have served the local community for several years by providing them with the most reliable and dependable fireplace from Continental Fireplaces. Today, we at Fergusson Energy are a proud Continental Fireplaces dealer, offering state-of-the-art products ranging from gas inserts to vent-free fireplaces. 


Our professionals are well-trained and experienced in handling the fireplace installation in Belleville safely and responsibly and providing satisfactory services.

Why Choose a Fireplace from Fergusson Energy?

Fergusson Energy only deals in energy-efficient, patent technology and superior warranties fireplaces. And if you’re looking for a fireplace installation in Belleville that is aesthetically and functionally appealing, we have Continental Fireplaces for your personal and practical style.

Continental Fireplaces provides:

  • Maximum efficiency and eco-friendly performance

  • Custom installation for any room – living room, bedroom, bath or kitchen

  • Safety features including child-proof safety locks

  • Convenience – remote controls, digital readouts and battery backup ignition

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplaces are an economical alternative to costly oil and electric heating appliances. They are unique as they work in power outages while the other systems go down. We offer a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and provide features such as clean-burning, air control for regulated burn rate, and a built-in blower. You also have the option to use a hot air gravity vent to distribute heat to an adjoining room.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent fireplaces eliminate drafts and heat loss; hence, no chimneys as you won’t lose any of your home’s heat. With Continental’s direct vent technology, you can design and install your fireplace at any corner of your house. Even your basement, for instance, can be a warm and pleasant space for relaxing and entertaining.

Direct Vent with Power Venting

Continental’s new power venting system uses a Whisper Quiet™ blower installed outside to pull out burned gases from the fireplace. Its innovative technology is compact, which is why you can place the fireplace in almost any desired location away from outside walls.


Continental Fireplaces gas insert offers state-of-the-art technology combined with unparalleled efficiency. We offer many styles to suit your décor and a wide range of options to fit even older, smaller fireplaces. Enjoy affordable warmth and convenience with safety with the Safe Guard™ automatic gas shut-off.


Continental electric fireplaces look modern and fit any decor easily. They provide the ambiance of a fire with electric heat. No chimney is required, and therefore, can be installed anywhere in your house. Some models can be mounted, while the others partially recessed to the wall. The heating is economical and costs a few pennies per hour. Were you looking for a new fireplace? Revamp your old fireplace with an energy-efficient, low-cost option.

Different types of fireplaces

Contact Us for a Fireplace in Belleville

Whether you are interested in a wood-burning fireplace, gas insert or a versatile direct vent model, contact Fergusson Energy to learn more about your options. We are your Continental Fireplaces dealer for the Belleville area.

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